Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have been so busy learning things and getting less scared that I haven't had much chance to use this longer form of keeping you up on my story.  I want to tell you about going into a foster home, meeting my foster family, and getting my toenails painted pink...but computer time is getting short.  I would like to share this: remember how my human scribe said she'd get photos of the puppy that was with me when I came to the shelter?  Well, here they are.  Gosh, it makes me sad in a way to see them, but my pup was adopted to a real forever home several months ago, and that makes me happy.  If she was this big in late March, how big do you think she is now?

I must continue to work, even when I am afraid, so that I too will understand what it means to be in a home with people who are committed to you and will love you forever...